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Top 3 Reasons Businesses Outsource Their Call Center

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With the cost of housing your call center, you may be considering outsourcing. Many businesses choose this route due to the savings in employee costs, real estate (whether leasing or buying), and communication equipment. If you are still weighing the pros and cons, read on to discover the top three reasons businesses choose to outsource their call centers.

Unparalleled Customer Service

Outsourcing your telephone-based customer service means that trained experts, whose only job is customer support, handle the calls from your clients.

Offering your customers excellent support is a key factor in ensuring that, when your customers reach out for help, they get exactly what they need. Excellent customer service is how you turn an angry client into a satisfied one and how you take advantage of upsell opportunities.

Cost Efficiency

Outsourcing a call center is a cost-effective solution, especially for small and mid-sized businesses with fewer resources. The energy, time, and cost needed to train staff, as well as maintaining operations, costs your business both time and money. Outsourcing your call services counteracts some of this expense. In addition, while outsourcing requires minimum effort on your part, in-house call centers require full-time employees, management, benefits, training, and adequate resources.

Ability to Meet Rapid Expansions

Outsourced business call centers have the ability to ramp up quickly when call volumes rise due to events such as marketing campaigns or seasonal activities. They can also adjust when your business expands, such as when you plan an initiative or launch a campaign.

You need to understand that call volume rises and falls daily. A versatile representative manages these deviations with ease. Agents at these call centers work efficiently, ensuring better results for businesses.

Points to Consider Before Outsourcing a Business Call Center

There are some disadvantages to outsourcing the call center as well. For one thing, many of the people working for the service are not familiar with the business concerned and so may not offer callers the service they want. Others are not fluent in the idioms or the speech pattern of that business, or the country where the business is located. Callers are sometimes not be happy that the call center does not understand the language properly.

Some businesses become too hands-off when they outsource their call center and wind up losing their customers' trust. Finally, while most call answering services are inexpensive, some carry an enormous cost, due to hidden fees.

  • Choose the right company: Choose a company with an excellent, professional reputation to ensure you customers receive exemplary service. Look carefully at the fees, as well, don't simply sign on with whoever offers the lowest rate. A low base price may hide numerous fees.
  • Business needs: What does your business need, increased sales? Improved retention rates? Problem resolution? Understanding your needs ensures your outsourced employees perform the job correctly.
  • Call transfer: You need a system in place that allows you or another local staff member to take the call when required.

It typically comes down to cost, especially if your business does not have a call center, as establishing one requires a significant investment. Outsourcing does not require hiring and training staff or buying equipment and leasing property.

There are multiple price plans available. Typically, it costs between $20 and $80 per hour to outsource a call center. Prices vary based on the level of experience at each company.

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