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How Much Money Can My Business Make From Installing an ATM Machine?

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If you are looking to provide even greater service to your customers and boost your own revenue, having an ATM installed at your place of business may be exactly what you need. An on-site ATM allows customers to get the cash they need right then, while increasing the amount they might spend at your business and netting you an additional profit from the transaction fees of the unit itself.

What Are the Benefits of Installing an ATM?

The use of ATMs by the generally public has grown since their inception, and there are no signs that use will do anything but continue to grow. The U.S. Federal Reserve has found that nearly 75 percent of consumers in the United States rely on ATMs daily. Not only could installing a machine in your business increase profits from the unit itself, but it could also increase customer traffic.

Convenience and retail stores can put themselves at a significant advantage by having an on-site ATM. People tend to prefer using an ATM while they’re out and about running errands and shopping as opposed to having to go to the bank every time they need cash. This gives you an opportunity to bring in customers that may have only come in for gas or something small, but then pull out money (giving you some profit from the transaction fee) and possibly spending it at your business.

Why Add an ATM?

Having an easily accessible ATM in your place of business isn’t just an added convenience for your customers, it can be a boost in the value of your business itself. Whether customers need it for a cash only type of purchase or just prefer to pay with cash, providing the ability for them to easily access it benefits both parties, in addition to showing you are committed to both your business and your customers.

The fees associated with processing credit and debit fees can be costly. And, if there is a chargeback or a check bounces, you may be on the hook for those fees as well. These costs can add up quickly and have the potential to eat into profits, but an on-site ATM makes it easier for customers to use cash and reduces the amount of fees that you might have to pay with other payment methods. It can also help to increase profits or offset the fees that you may experience when customers use cards or checks. If you own an ATM, you receive all of the transaction fees as revenue and even if you lease one you still receive a percentage of that income. In addition to this, studies have shown that customers who use an in-store ATM are likely to spend up to 25 percent more at that business.

How Much Money Can I Make from an ATM?

There are several factors that are involved in how much money you can gain from installing an ATM. The average surcharge for withdrawal is $2 to $3, but if you own the ATM you can set it to whatever you want (please note that if it's too high, people are much less likely to use your machine).

Check local and state laws and provisions, as some states have a specific maximum transaction fee. The funds from these fees are typically deposited in your business’s account at the end of each month. But the true amount of revenue to be gained from an ATM is not always a simple answer.

You need to consider the amount of times the unit will be used per day, or if you have multiple units, how often each one will be used or the average amount of transactions between the group. ATMs in a retail environment average about six to ten transactions a day, but depending on your area or business that can increase tenfold. Owning and operating a single ATM isn’t likely to make you incredibly rich overnight, but it can increase the amount of daily revenue you receive and increase profits over time.

For example, let’s say that you have a single ATM that sits at eight transactions a day, with a transaction fee of $2.50. That alone provides an additional $560 a month, and that’s without considering the fact that the people using the ATM are most likely spending the money they’ve withdrawn at your business.

Balance and Profit

The profit you receive from your ATM must be weighed against the cost of owning and operating the ATM. You may only receive a portion of each transaction fee if you are leasing a unit, but you also most likely will not have to pay the majority, if any, of the costs that come with maintenance and service. If you do own the unit, then services, repairs, keeping it connected to a network, and the initial cost are all yours, but you net 100 percent of the profit.

The easiest way to maximize the income off your ATM is to find a way to get your customers to use it more frequently. Keeping the unit in a highly visible and easily accessible place is a great way to do this. Your transaction fee is also a good way to garner use: if you have the lowest transaction fee in comparison to surrounding ATMs, customers are far more likely to use yours than a competitor's. Keep in mind that high transaction fees are an easy way to dissuade customers from using your services.

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