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How Much Does a 30 Gallon Air Compressor Cost?

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Air compressors are versatile tools that can effectively perform different tasks when connected to air tools or pneumatic tools. Air compressor tools such as the 30 gallon air compressor have various advantages compared to electric power tools. For example, they have more power and torque than any other mainstream power tools, are more durable due to fewer mobile parts and are very easy to use and require no special training, but still the user should have basic knowledge. 30 gallon air compressors can be used with other air tools for craft and maintenance projects around repair jobs and the house as well as in construction projects. Depending on the brand and model, these compressors are very popular with hobbyists, unless it is needed to spray paint a vehicle or a house, when a bigger capacity air compressor would be needed.

Benefits of 30 gallon air compressors

Most 30 gallon air compressors are versatile. In other words, they can be used with hammers, pneumatic nail guns, drills, spray guns, sprayers, sanders, tire inflators and saws. In addition, 30 gallon air compressors can be used to pump up tires, build decks, paint fences, repair trucks or cars, repair roofs at home and remodel a house. These air compressors are also available in different styles and sizes and this means that choosing the right 30 gallon air compressor is a matter of personal preference and how you will use the air compressor. If oil is not a choice, then water or air can be purchased, but these are not as reliable as dirt can get into both, affecting the performance. The weight of this size compressor is around 150 pounds without attachments.

Points to consider before purchasing 30 gallon air compressors

  • Location – since 30 gallon air compressors come in different styles and sizes, it is important to determine where the air compressor will be used to work on different projects.
  •  Tools – 30 gallon air compressors can work with different tools and you must therefore determine which tools you want the air compressor to operate.
  •  Environment – you also determine whether you will be working in unventilated or confined areas before purchasing the air compressor. If you worry about the air outside, perhaps air or water compressors may be your choice, but be aware these are not as reliable as oil driven compressors.
  • What servicing can be obtained quickly and easily if the compressor is in daily use?

Sample prices for 30 gallon air compressors

30 gallon air compressors cost between $200 and $600. Prices will mostly depend on the brand, vendor, type of air compressor and number of pneumatic tools the compressor can operate. If you purchase the air compressor online, shipment prices may be included or may be separate depending on the online vendor you purchase the air compressor from. These compressors can sometimes be bought secondhand from the manufacturer as people have returned them to upgrade. Brand names include North Star, Ingersoll Rand, Eagle, Dewalt, IronHorse and many more, so the range of prices varies a great deal.

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