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How Much Does a Toyota Yaris Cost?

Toyota Yaris Car Prices


The Toyota Yaris is the car that replaced the Toyota Echo three years ago. It has done better in sales than the Echo because of Toyota's choice to offer this car in a Sedan or hatchback. It's very popular and doesn't appear to be going anywhere soon.

The Sedan is a good option for those who know they will use the back seat for passengers. Having two extra doors will make easy access to get in and out. The sedan has a normal trunk, not a hatchback. It appears to be more stylish on the exterior and matches the styling of many other modern sedans on the road.

Toyota Yaris MSRP

3 Door Hatchback
1.5L 4-Cylinder 5-speed Manual $12,605
1.5 4-Cylinder 4 Speed Auto $13,405
5- Door Hatchback
1.5L 4-Cylinder 5 Speed Manual $12,905
1.5L 4-Cylinder 4 Speed Auto $13,705
1.5L 4-Cylinder 5 Speed Manual $13,365
1.5L 4-Cylinder 4 Speed Auto $14,165

The 2010 Yaris is also offered in a 3 door hatchback and a 5 door hatchback. The 5 door hatchback will offer the two backseat doors, much like the sedan. However, it will still have the body of the hatchback with the same trunk. The back seat is split in a ratio of 60% for seating and 40% for trunk space which makes it a fairly roomy backseat for such a tiny car.

This is a great value bet for a subcompact car. It costs slightly over $12,000 for a brand new model. It's tough to buy any brand new car for under $15,000 today! It has a good deal of options as far as choosing Sedan vs. 3 door hatchback vs. 5 door hatchback. It's nice to have so many choices.

The Yaris gets great gas mileage as you would expect from a car like this. It gets an EPA rated 29 miles per gallon in the city and 36 miles per gallon on the highway. That's going to save you a lot of money on gas.

For such an inexpensive car the Yaris comes with some nice safety features. Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), (also known as electronic stability control ESC), Traction control (TRAC), Anti- Lock Brakes, and Brake Assist. Those are a lot of safety features that will help save lives. They will also give the drivers a sense of confidence knowing, that, while they may not be the biggest car on the road, they are protected.

Free Toyota Yaris Car Price Quotes