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How Much Does a Toyota Tacoma Cost?

Toyota Tacoma Truck Prices


This is one of only two trucks that Toyota offers. They offer this truck which competes in the small to midsize truck category. They also offer the Toyota Tundra. Why do they only offer this one truck covering such a large amount of space? Well, as you can see from the various models they offer that Toyota has their bases covered. Look at all of the options and various packages that Toyota offers for this truck. There's a myriad of options you have without even going into option packages or specific details. You can choose from a V4 or V6 with almost every model, Automatic Manual, and Prerunner style or regular. Toyota knows what a desirable truck this is because of its low cost and reputation for reliability.

Toyota Tacoma MSRP

Regular Cab $16,365-$21,350
4X2 2.7L 4 Cylinder 5 Speed Manual $16,365
4X2 2.7L 4 Cylinder 4 Speed Automatic $17,265
4X4 2.7L 4 Cylinder 5 Speed Manual $20,220
4X4 2.7L 4 Cylinder 4 Speed Automatic $21,350
Access Cab $19,655-$23,490
4X2 2.7L 4 Cylinder 5 Speed Manual $19,655
4X2 2.7L 4 Cylinder 4 Speed Automatic $20,555
4X2 PreRunner 2.7L 4-Cylinder 4 Speed Automatic $21,315
4X2 PreRunner 4.0L V6 5 Speed Automatic $22,750
4X4 2.7L 4-Cylinder 5 Speed Manual $23,490
Double Cab $21,865-$26,145
4X2 2.7L 4 Cylinder 4 Speed Automatic $21,865
4X2 PreRunner 2.7L 4 Cylinder 4 Speed Automatic $22,515
4X2 PreRunner 4.0L V6 5 Speed Automatic $23,950
4X2 PreRunner Long Bed 4.0L V6 5-Speed Automatic $24,450
4X4 4.0L V6 6-Speed Manual $26,145
X Runner $25,735
4X2 4.0L V6 6 Speed Manual $25,735

The last major redesign of this truck came in 2005 where it got a greatly needed and appreciated redesign of the body. Compared to the old style body, you can see where Toyota has beefed up their designs to align with a more masculine, rough and tumble design that American truck manufacturers have been doing for years.

The Toyota Tacoma has made vast improvements with its body styling over the past few years. This is apparent with a much wider chassis that sits atop its steel constructed frame. The sides flare up and run sleek lines around the wheel wells. A cool grille design and bumper design go well with the new body styling. The new headlights make it all come together nicely.

Along with the standard body overhaul the Toyota Tacoma offers the PreRunner trim, for those of you who want to look good while getting the job done. The PreRunner option costs less than a thousand dollars to add! At about $800, that's a good deal for some “factory customization”. You won't find any local truck detail center that will “pimp your ride” for that kind of money.

Major improvements to this vehicle don't stop at the exterior. The interior is well designed, too! Each instrument panel has its own well on the driver's side displays giving the driver a feeling of a nice design. All of the knobs and buttons are about where you would expect them to be, just the way you want it when you're looking for a good dependable truck.

The cost of this vehicle for the reliability it offers is the real champion for this vehicle. That is why this truck is leading its segment and beating out competition like the Ford Ranger, Nissan Frontier, and Chevy Colorado. These vehicles all cost the same up front but Toyota beats them all in repair costs and low cost of ownership. For those of you who have owned a Toyota, you may already know, all you need to do is put gas in them and change the oil and they just keep on going.

Free Toyota Tacoma Truck Price Quotes