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How Much Does a Toyota Sienna Cost?

Toyota Sienna SUV Prices


This is one of the survivors from the 1990s, the epic minivan. It was all the rage in the 90s. They were a smaller, quicker, more gas friendly alternative to vans. The best of the best have survived and this is Toyota's offering. It's not the old early 90s styling, though. The Sienna has received an awesome redesign. The Toyota Sienna is no longer trailing the Honda Odyssey. It now has a slight edge with its new improvements.

The 2011 version of this minivan sports an interior and exterior redesign. The sleek and sexy exterior has a lot of smooth, sharp lines. Fog lights are standard. There are dual sliding doors, far easier than having a door on only one side. The exterior was once criticized as being bland and boring. This year, it's being acclaimed as being one of the greatest.

Toyota Sienna MSRP

Base Model
2WD 7-Passenger 2.7L 4 Cylinder $24,460
2WD 7-Passenger 3.5L V6 $25,700
Sienna LE
2WD 8-Passenger 2.7L 4 Cylinder $25,545
2WD 8-Passenger 3.5L V6 $29,100
AWD 7-Passenger 3.5L V6 $31,330
Mobility Auto Access 2WD 7-Passenger 3.5L V6 $35,335
Sienna SE
2WD 8-Passenger 3.5L V6 $30,750
Sienna XLE
2WD 8-Passenger 3.5L V6 $32,375
AWD 7-Passenger 3.5L V6 $34,715
Mobility Auto Access 2WD 7-Passenger 3.5L V6 $39,645

The 2011 Toyota Sienna has a V6 engine with 266 horsepower. The base model has a V4 available. However, for less than $1,500, can you pass up such a “meat and potatoes” upgrade as the engine? We wouldn't recommend it. You will need a V6 if you want to have good acceleration on the highway getting into traffic and it will be useful in passing situations.

The Sienna sets itself apart from other minivans by being the only kind of car in its class to offer All Wheel Drive. That's a great feature to have! Especially since minivans are well known for being family vehicles, it's a surprise that it hasn't happened sooner. Here it is. The day has come. That should be a real boost in sales for Sienna. When people are looking for family vehicles they think “safety”. What driving system is safer than all wheel drive?

Free Toyota Sienna SUV Price Quotes