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How Much Does a Toyota Matrix Cost?

Toyota Matrix Car Prices


You can think of this as the hipper, cooler cousin of the Toyota Corolla. The first thing that you will notice about this car is its sleek body styling that looks like a big Yaris. It is a hatchback like the Yaris. However, it's got the power and size more like the Toyota Camry.

The Matrix hatchback opens to unveil a great deal of cargo space. When you fold the back seats down you will have, at your disposal, 48.9 cubic feet of storage space. That takes this car from the pure commuter car to a road trip fun machine! This car could easily fit enough things in it for those long camping trips, road trips across country, and make a trip to the beach or the lake a lot easier. Bring the extra boogie boards because there is enough room in this car for all the goodies.

Toyota Matrix MSRP

Base Model
1.8 Liter 4 Cylinder 5 Speed Manual $16,700
1.8L 4 cylinder 4 speed automatic $17,510
Matrix S
2.4L 4 Cylinder 5 Speed Manual $18,610
2.4L 4 Cylinder 5 Speed Automatic $19,800
AWD 2.4L 4 Cylinder 4 Speed Automatic $20,910
Matrix XRS
2.4L 4 Cylinder 5 Speed Manual $20,920
2.4L 4 Cylinder 5 Speed Automatic $22,110

This car first made its appearance in 2003. It is meant for a hipper generation of the 21st century. It was targeted at a young audience but captured a lot more attention from older drivers than originally expected. It is taller than the Corolla, looks cooler in body styling, has more room and more power. It's a really cool looking car with a well designed interior. It has the modern styling that people are looking for in the new car designs.

When the Matrix car made its debut in 2003 it didn't come equipped with all of the features that it has now. It did not have the side airbags that are becoming standard on new cars. It also did not have traction control which was recently added for 2010. That should make people who drive this car a little safer.

The base model of the 2010 Toyota Matrix comes equipped with 132-horsepower in its 1.8-liter, 4 cylinder engine. The S model and XRS model are powered by a 2.4-liter engine with 158 horsepower. The engine of the base model Matrix will get an average of 5 miles to the gallon more than the S and XRS models with the 2.4 liter engine. Make sure you take that into account. Any time you increase power it usually comes at the price of fuel.

Free Toyota Matrix Car Price Quotes