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How Much Does a Toyota FJ Cruiser Cost?

Toyota FJ Cruiser Car Prices


This vehicle was originally known as the FJ40 when it was first built in the 70s. Then, it was actually the Toyota Land Cruiser 40 series. There was also the BJ40 / 41 / 42 with a short wheelbase, BJ43 / 44 / 46 with a middle wheelbase, or HJ45 / 47 which was equipped with a long wheelbase. The FJ Cruiser was the name they settled on to bring back this off-road beast. Originally an off-road vehicle for Toyota in the years of 1960 to 1984, this is the modern throwback to a classic off-road beast. As far as the major factors of this vehicle they are sticking to the big things that earned them their success.

One of the main draws to this SUV is the exterior styling. It's a bold design; a white roof on a beefy frame. You either love it or you hate it. It's far from boring and far from the middle of the road, “let's try to fit in”, mentality. This vehicle takes a risk and has had great success with it. It has a choice of 7 colors.

Toyota FJ Cruiser MSRP

FJ Cruiser 4X2 AT
2WD 4.0L V6 5 Speed Automatic $24,180
FJ Cruiser 4X4 MT
4WD 4.0L V6 6 Speed Manual $25,360
FJ Cruiser 4X4 AT
4WD 4.0L V6 Speed Automatic $25,770

It looks like the bright blue is no longer an option for 2010. If you want that color you will have to buy a used FJ. The interior comes in one color, charcoal. Whatever. The charcoal works well and fits in with all exterior colors. If you want a fancy interior then you're looking for a luxury SUV, anyway. People who like the FJ generally like it for the exterior look. The white top with the colored exterior does look beautiful.

Besides the cool design, the other great thing about this SUV is how it's made for off-roading. So many SUVs built today would fall apart if the driver took it off-roading. They should stop calling them sport utility vehicles and call them soccer mom utility vehicles. Not this car. The FJ Cruiser is quite at home in the dirt and off-road driving.

There is a variety of drive train options that will allow you to customize your FJ the way you want it to be. The base model will have part-time 4 WD. The manual version of this car has full time 4-wheel drive. The nicest model is for those who know they will be doing some driving off road. The 4X4 AT FJ is equipped with a limited slip differential for climbing steep and slippery surfaces.

One of the downsides of the FJ is that it only has two doors. It opens up like an extended cab pick-up truck. If you have friends sitting in the back you'll have to be nice and get the door for them.

Another downside of this vehicle is that it is noisy on the highway. Well, that is part of what comes with the territory when you buy a big off road vehicle. It's a fair trade when you can get a vehicle like this at such an affordable price.

This is the best in class for off road SUVs. Everything about this vehicle screams adventure and off-roading. The plastic mats and trunk are all hard plastic. That means you can pretty much take a bucket of water and a hose and clean the car that way. That's a great feature. It's other little things that will have you saying “cool” like the dash mounted compass.

The 2010 Toyota FJ Cruiser makes some minor on improvements from the previous two years. The 2010 FJ Cruiser added 19 horsepower to it and improved a touch on gas mileage. In other words, Toyota put a more efficient engine in the vehicle. Nice! This is a great vehicle if you want to have some fun on the road or the trail.

Free Toyota FJ Cruiser Car Price Quotes