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How Much Does a Toyota Corolla Cost?

Toyota Corolla Car Prices


This is the bestselling car in the world! Period! Across all car manufacturers and cars styles the Corolla is the top dog in car sales and has been for years. It simply offers the best value for any car, and therefore, makes a lot of sense to a lot of people. Toyota, as a brand, has built a reputation on building reliable and affordable vehicles. The Japanese carmaker has proved themselves time and time again in this market with this model.

The Corolla is not full of flare. Some critics complain that the body styling is not flashy enough and there's nothing special about the car. This may be true. You can find some funkier designs out there. However, if you are looking for a safe value bet on a tried and tested vehicle that you can rely on then this is still a great choice. It's not trying to be that flashy car that all the giant hamsters ride in. It's a smart choice in buying a car that you can't go wrong with.

Toyota Corolla MSRP

Base Model Corolla $15,450
Corolla LE
1.8L 4-Cylinder 4 Speed Automatic $16,850
Corolla XLE
1.8L 4- Cylinder 4 Speed Automatic $17,750
Corolla S
1.8L 4-Cylinder 5-Speed Manual $16,520
1.8L 4-Cylinder 4-Speed Automatic $17,350

This is a perfect commuter car, for those who plan on driving a lot of miles, or just need a car that's going to deliver a lot of value for the money spent.

The Corolla had a redesign in 2009 when the exterior was updated. No drastic changes were made which has some car enthusiasts hemming and hawing. They believe Toyota should have done more with the redesign to keep up with the new styles. Well, when your car has been topping the sales charts for so long you tend not to want to change too much. If it's not broken then why try to fix it, right?

Most of the Corolla models feature a 1.8 liter 132 horsepower engine. This is ample power for most driving conditions and will get around great with one or two people in the car. All compacts feel a little heavy when they have a full back seat.

If more power is what you're looking for you can upgrade to the Corolla XRS, which is the sport model of the Corolla. It is equipped with the engine from a Toyota Camry, a 2.4 liter 158 horsepower, 4 cylinder engine. This is a super spunky model for those looking for speed.

Free Toyota Corolla Car Price Quotes