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How Much Does a Toyota Avalon Cost?

Toyota Avalon Car Prices

Welcome to the best sedan you can buy without going into the “luxury” car segment. Although, after experiencing driving this vehicle you may swear you are there. This is Toyota's flagship vehicle. It's priced like a low end luxury car and it delivers like one. It's a great looking exterior with plenty of good things under the hood. It's got the dependability that comes with the Toyota name making it one of the nicest cars you can drive for such a low cost of ownership.

Toyota Avalon MSRP

Toyoto Avalon - Base Model $32,445
Avalon- Limited $35,685

I used to be a traveling salesman. I drove all kinds of rental vehicles during my travels around the USA. From PT Cruisers to beefy Dodge Chargers to Ford Mustangs; I drove a lot of different kinds of cars. Except for the Ford Mustang, the Toyota Avalon was the best for acceleration, power, and speed. I was blown away. My aunt used to drive one of these cars which automatically put it into the “boring” category of cars for me. This is far from the case after experiencing driving one. The pickup getting onto the highway and accelerating from a dead stop was incredible. The first time I pulled onto the highway I was amazed at the responsiveness and flat out acceleration this vehicle had.

This car comes standard equipped with a 3.5 L V6 268 HP engine. That is the same engine that is put in both models. Try it and you'll see that is ample power for this car. It is quiet as it is powerful with its dual exhaust.

The more expensive Limited version comes with more standard features than the base model. These features include heated front seats, driver and mirror memory systems, and various other additions of leather and chrome. It takes the car to the feature realm of the luxury car.

Free Toyota Avalon Car Price Quotes