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How Much Does a Lexus RX 350 Cost?

Lexus RX 350 Car Prices


The 2010 Lexus RX 350 AWD MSRP is 39,025.

The 2010 Lexus RX 350 FWD MSRP is 37,625.

Behold the best value in luxury SUVs. Period. There is none higher. With the combination of features that comes for the price, coupled with the reliability that we know comes from the Lexus, Toyota family, it is no wonder why these SUVs are rated have the highest approval rating out of all of the luxury SUVs.

You can get into one of these amazing SUVs for under $40,000. The main difference between the two models is in the drive train. The less expensive of the two models is the front-wheel drive model. For those of you looking for a vehicle that will be solid in harsh weather you may choose to purchase the all-wheel drive model. This will provide extra traction and safety in slick driving conditions.

The RX 350 is available only in a 5 speed automatic. This shouldn't concern most drivers as it is a luxury SUV and not a performance vehicle. However, power is not a problem. It has ample power with 275 horsepower that will get up even when it has 5 passengers in it (comfortably seated, of course).

The ride of the Lexus RX is smooth. You can't find this type of smooth ride in a normal SUV. The ride is actually a lot smoother than that of its competitors in BMW and Mercedes. This is not an off-roading SUV. I repeat, this is not an off roading SUV! If you are looking for something like that then you want to look at a different vehicle, perhaps an FJ Cruiser or a Jeep.

What the Lexus RX delivers is smooth luxurious travel in a roomy cabin. It's safe, it is packed with features, and it does offer people one of the best affordable luxury SUVs on the market.

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