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How Much Does a Lexus GX 460 Cost?

Lexus GX 460 Car Prices


The Lexus 2010 GX 460 MSRP is $51,970.

The GX 460 is Lexus' midrange sport utility vehicle.

The exterior has a much burlier look to it than the RX but not the large back end of the LX, which can be an unwanted for maneuverability reasons. If you don't need all that space then it's not necessary. The GX is the large, yet versatile GX is the best of size and elegance in a luxury SUV.

The Lexus GX comes packed with plenty of power. The engine is a full 4.6 liter, V8 engine with over 300 horsepower on the 6 speed automatic transmission. It has ample power for all driving conditions.

The vehicle seats seven passengers so it can fit all of your family and friends inside. They will be riding in comfort, too, with a leather interior, and rear cabin air conditioning. The driver and passenger will be the most comfortable ones riding in this car with the power heated seats. Even the steering wheel is heated for those cold winter days where the steering wheel can get so cold it becomes a pain to grip the wheel. Not in this vehicle.

The third row of seating is highly accessible with the way the second row of seating slides up. In addition, the third row of seating is very maneuverable to make extra cargo space should you need the storage over extra seating.

Bluetooth audio is standard on this vehicle. Talk to people hands free without paying for an upgrade package. It's all included in the price of this luxurious car.

The body-on-frame design gives this SUV the ruggedness to go off road. With so many SUVs and crossover vehicles moving to a cheaper, less solid aluminum frame, you will be happy to know your loved ones are safe in a solid steel frame and solid construction.

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