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How Much Does a Lexus GS Cost?

Lexus GS Car Prices


Lexus GS 460 RWD MSRP is $54,070

Lexus GS 350 AWD MSRP is $47,550

Lexus GS 350 RWD MSRP is $45,600

Now, we're getting past the entry level luxury cars that Lexus has to offer and we're getting into true sports luxury! The GS is much like the ES in looks with some stylish improvements that boast a refinement to the styling of the already stylish ES. These main differences between the two are these body improvements, combined with what we are really looking for from a sports luxury car, more power!

The Lexus GS beats the ES with just over 300 horses under the hood. It gets from 0 to 60 one second faster than the ES at 5.7 seconds. The GS had rear wheel drive vs. the front wheel drive of the ES. Rear wheel drive provides a true performance car experience. It allows you, the driver, to feel the road in a new way. When you are not using the front wheels to propel the car but simply to steer the car it allows you to truly feel the road.

The GS has a wider wheel base in accordance to its sports luxury car status. This allows the driver to feel the road more, hug turns, and feel the road beneath. Another thing that allows drivers to feel the road more is the rear wheel drive and all wheel drive options. The GS will drive differently than the ES, and ultimately, for a better experience that “true drivers” will appreciate. The steering of the GS is tighter than the less expensive Lexus models. Tighter driving may not be a welcome thing for the average commuter. For the distinguished individual who will really appreciate it, this car will provide a luxurious and exciting way to get from A to B.

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