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How Much Does a Lexus ES 350 Cost?

Lexus ES 350 Car Prices


The 2010 Lexus ES 350 MSRP is $35,175.

Lexus ES is said to be the true entry into luxury from Lexus. Many think this model is truly the best value bet from Lexus. It lacks but sports performance of the GS model and some of the body styling. However, the ES offers an upgrade in size, power, and luxury from the IS. It is no wonder why the ES is the Lexus' best selling luxury sedan for over a decade. What it offers for the money can't be beat.

The biggest quam with some critics of the Lexus ES is that it lacks flair compared to other luxury vehicles of the same caliber. It may not match others on stylish looks. However, what it lacks in pizzazz it makes up for in sheer value. It would be tough to find another luxury car that delivers on construction like the Lexus does. With a 272 horse power engine sitting in a solid welded steel unibody this car has a solid feel to it. The interior is immaculate with wood and chrome trim.

Competitors like the BMW 3 series, comparable to the ES, use an aluminum frame. Aluminum makes the vehicle lighter and, perhaps, more fun for taking turns. However, they suffer on safety and having a feel of a solid, smooth ride as a result. Lexus is smooth. You can hardly feel bumps in the road. It's quiet. Driving on the highway is a pleasure as the sound of cars whizzing by makes only a whisper.

The Lexus ES is the top selling luxury car of all luxury sedans! That is nothing to sneeze at. Once you compare prices and options of comparable vehicles you will see why.

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