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How Much Does a Lexus Cost?

Lexus Car Prices


Toyota launched its new luxury car group in 1989, Lexus. It was at that time they launched the LS 400 and the ES 250. By 1991, the Japanese automakers had become the top selling luxury auto. They pioneered the way for the “affordable luxury car” market. Lexus is always at the top of the charts in luxury car sales for the amazing value the deliver. They offer the most value for the money. They offer a good, entry level, luxury car that is packed with features.

A first for the car market came in 1993 from Lexus when they launched the first ever pre-owned vehicle program. This program was immensely successful! All major car companies now offer “certified pre-owned” cars. Most people aren't aware that was an innovation from Lexus.

Not many other companies deliver such luxury in their entry level cars for the prices that Lexus does. The IS, ES, and GS would be considered their entry level vehicle and they are great cars for the money. People really wanted the experience of luxury without spending $50,000. Toyota answered the call by launching Lexus. Now, people can purchase a luxury car for under $30,000.

When you buy a Lexus you know you are getting the value and reliability that comes with Toyota. That is the factor that that put Lexus over the edge. People know that luxury cars cost a lot of money. However, you can rest easy knowing a Lexus holds its value because they can be driven for well over 100,000 miles without many problems, just like the reliable Toyota Corolla and Camry.

How much are maintenance costs on a Lexus?

Maintenance costs are higher with a Lexus than they are with a lesser vehicle like a Toyota Camry or a Honda Accord. That is true with all luxury vehicles because the parts cost more. However, Lexus is as reliable luxury car as you can find. Like their parent company, Toyota, they are extremely reliable vehicles.

How much does a 2010 Lexus cost? Base MSRP Prices:

Lexus Sedans
Model MSRP
IS 350 RWD $37,595
IS 250 RWD $33,315
IS 250 RWD $32,145
IS 250 AWD $35,775
HS 250h $34,650
HS 250h Premium $37,420
ES 350 $35,175
GS 460 RWD $54,070
GS 350 AWD $47,550
GS 350 RWD $45,600
Lexus Convertibles
Model MSRP
IS C 350C $44,890
IS C 250C $40,610
IS C 250C Manual Transmission $39,440
SC 430 $68,405
Lexus F Performance
Model MSRP
LFA $375,000
IS F $58,460
Lexus Hybrids
Model MSRP
HS 250h $34,650
HS 250h Premium $37,420
GS 450h $57,950
RX 450h AWD $44,275
RX 450h FWD $42,685
LS 600h L $108,000
Luxury Utility
Model MSRP
LX 570 $76,905
GX 460 $51,970
RX 350 FWD $37,625
RX 350 AWD $39,025

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