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How Much Does a Ford Transit Connect Cost?

Ford Transit Connect Prices


Piggybacking Americans' recent demands for smaller, more fuel efficient, vehicles Ford has made a push into new markets with vehicles it previously only sold overseas. The list of newcomers includes the compact Fiesta and the small commercial van, the Transit Connect. This European-inspired van has been sold in foreign markets since 2003 and in the U.S. since 2010. In its sophomore year Ford has tweaked the model lineup to entice buyers who have passenger as well as commercial needs. Whether you're hauling goods or people this van was designed with the business owner in mind.

Ford Transit Connect MSRP

XL Van 2.0L 4-cylinder $21,200
XLT Van 2.0L 4-cylinder $22,260
XLT Wagon 2.0L 4-cylinder $23,050
XLT Premium Wagon 2.0L 4-cylinder $23,200

The 2011 Ford Transit Connect is offered as a cargo van and a passenger van, and each has two trim lines. The XL Van and XLT Van only have seating for two up front and are intended for cargo, while the XLT Wagon and XLT Premium Wagon have a second row seat (60/40 split-folding). All models come standard with double sliding side-doors (standard solid panels on the van and standard security glass windows on the wagon, although these can be swapped) and double-jointed “barn doors” that open 180 degrees (optional 255 degree, magnet-secured rear doors). Both the wagons and vans have fairly basic amenities on the interior. The XL van features A/C, a tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel, and a stereo system with an auxiliary jack, while the XLT van has power accessories, keyless entry, and a CD player. On the XLT wagon, stability control and fog lights come standard. Upgrading to the XLT Premium Wagon adds a better stereo system and opening rear-passenger windows.

Although, not particularly long, the Transit Connect is tall. This height is what gives it an impressive 135+ cubic feet of cargo capacity. Its 1,600 pound payload capacity makes it competitive with many small pickups. All models are powered by a 2.0-liter, 138 horsepower, four-cylinder engine that earns a solid 23 mpg. Front wheel drive is standard on all trim levels, as is a four-speed automatic transmission. Power and acceleration are modest at best, but this is partially negated by the Transit Connect's impressive agility and maneuverability. You'll zip in and out of loading zones where larger vans struggle to fit.

The Transit Connect offers many options that reflect the different uses buyers might use the vehicle for. The rear can be fitted with shelving systems that make organizing and accessing cargo a snap. Ford even offers a taxi package and a package for disabled passengers. Like many new Fords, the Transit Connect boasts a number of impressive technological features. There's an optional in dash computer with a wireless keyboard that's compatible with 2G and 3G networks, and available programs such as the Crew Chief (used to track other vehicles in the fleet) and the DeWalt Tool Link (which can inventory tools and equipment) can save time and money. Other functions that may prove useful in the field are the optional Garmin navigation, Bluetooth, and the in-car printer.

There are certainly better-looking vehicles out there, but the 2011 Ford Transit Connect is all about utility. With a range of options that were designed with the working man (or woman) in mind, this small commercial van is a great choice for those who find a passenger vehicle has too little and a full-size cargo van has too much.

Free Ford Transit Connect Price Quotes