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How Much Does a Ford Escape Cost?

Ford Escape Prices


The Ford Escape debuted in the year 2000 to immediate success. At the time, there was little in the way of competition from small crossovers or compact SUVs. The Escape emerged as a top pick for drivers who wanted decent performance from a vehicle that was big but not enormous. Ten years later the Escape faces increased competition. The Escape does still offer some nice features; most notably roomy interior, good crash-test ratings, high-tech gadgetry, and a wide range of options that lets a buyer customize their vehicle the way he or she wants.

Ford Escape MSRP

XLS 2.5L 4-cylinder $21,060
XLT 2.5L 4-cylinder $24,050
Limited 2.5L 4-cylinder $25,730
Hybrid 2.5L 4-cylinder $29,865
Hybrid Limited 2.5L 4-cylinder $32,375

This 2011 Ford Escape is available in the following trim levels: XLS, XLT, Limited, Hybrid, and Hybrid Limited. The XLS, XLT and Limited models all come standard with a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine which can be upgraded to a 3.0-liter V6 on all but the XLS. Both engines are paired with an excellent six-speed automatic. The two Hybrid Escape models are powered by a combination gas engine and electric motor that is capable of running the vehicle on battery power alone. Consumer Reports estimates the Escape Hybrid's fuel economy at 26 mpg, which it says is the best of any SUV it tested!

The Escape offers a good overall driving experience. Its electrically-powered steering allows you to easily maneuver in tight spots. The handling isn't bad for an SUV and electronic-stability control provides security during avoidance maneuvering. Braking is improved over previous models. The Escape's safety ratings are impressive, as it earned a perfect score in front and side government crash tests.

The interior of the Escape underwent significant changes a few years ago. The inside of the vehicle is attractive and spacious. There is more than enough head and leg room in the front and the seats provide good, firm support. Three adults can sit relatively comfortably in the rear bench. The back seat also folds down to provide excellent cargo room with a flat load floor. Hard plastics are use throughout the cabin and they look refined with sharp, sexy lines. The center stack is neat and designed specifically for use with the FordSync system, which allows hands-free control of electronic devices. Upper trim levels can be loaded up with nice features like heated seats, dual-zone climate control, parallel-parking assist, a rear-seat entertainment system, HD radio, and a navigation system with real-time information.

The Ford Escape faces stiff competition from classmates like the Subaru Forester, Honda CR-V, and Toyota RAV4. The 2011 model, however, is still satisfying. It is attractive inside and out, especially if you are a technology aficionado.

Free Ford Escape Price Quotes