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How Much Does it Cost to Rent/Lease a GPS Fleet Tracking System Rental?

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GPS Fleet Tracking System Rental Prices

A GPS fleet tracking system is one of those investments that quickly pays for itself. By monitoring your drivers' exact mileage you'll reduce labor costs, improve employee productivity, and cut down on fuel costs.

GPS fleet tracking systems consist of an electronic device that is installed in a vehicle and computer software that records data about each trip. Information recorded includes the location of each vehicle, the mileage, and the exact time the vehicle reaches its intended destination.

GPS fleet tracking systems prevent worker fraud and improper personal use of company vehicles. They can also be used as a tool to make better decisions about which employees to dispatch and when.

Types of GPS Fleet Tracking System Rentals

There are two basic types of GPS vehicle tracking systems:

  • Active or real-time vehicle tracking systems use cell phone or GPS signals to keep up-to-the-minute records of a vehicle's location and mileage. The information is automatically sent to your computer system every few seconds or minutes.
  • Passive vehicle tracking systems store data about the vehicle's location and mileage on a device in the vehicle. That data is transferred to your computer system only after the truck returns to a fixed location.

Real-time tracking requires a monthly service fee, while passive systems have just a one-time cost.

Real-time tracking is preferable if you need to know the location of your vehicles at all times. However, if you're simply looking to cut down on worker fraud and abuse of company vehicles, a passive tracking system will suffice.

GPS Fleet Tracking System Rentals Average Costs

Active and passive GPS vehicle tracking systems are priced similarly, aside from the monthly fee that comes with active systems. Budget anywhere from $200 to $700 per vehicle for the equipment and installation. On the low end of that price range you'll still get a reliable system. But, it might lack features like wireless radio frequency transmission or a built-in navigation system for the driver.

If you opt for real-time tracking, plan on spending about an extra $25 to $50 per month for each vehicle in your fleet. However, for many fleet operators, the convenience of being able to track employees in real time is well worth the added expense.

In some cases, companies that sell real-time tracking systems will give you the equipment for free if you agree to sign a long-term contract for the monthly monitoring service. Be sure to ask any dealer you're considering if this is something they offer.

Other GPS Fleet Tracking System Rental Costs

Some dealers charge a one-time fee to activate your fleet tracking system, usually ranging from $30 to $100. Many charge early termination fees if you cancel the real-time tracking service before the end of your contract. Those fees often range from $100 to $200.

While some dealers offer unlimited tracking as part of their monthly fees, others charge based upon the number of locates or “pings” you use every month. It might cost $25 per month to check on the status of your driver 1,000 times, $50 per month to locate the driver 25,000 times and $80 per month for unlimited locates. If this is the case, be sure to purchase a plan large enough to suit your needs. Any locating you do in excess of your plan will come with expensive overage fees.

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