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GPS Tracking for Car Dealerships: Tracking a Financed Vehicle

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As a car dealership, you need to ensure that not only is a vehicle fit and ready to be shown to customers, but that you can quickly locate and lead them to it as well. There are few things more embarrassing than a potential customer deciding to take their business elsewhere because you could not find the car that they were looking for. Luckily, the installation of a GPS tracker can prevent that embarrassment and land you another sale.

GPS tracking devices also offer additional security, allowing you to track and find your vehicle once it leaves your lot, as well. Setting up GPS tracking systems in your vehicles offers a multitude of benefits and may be a step in the right direction for your dealership.

What are GPS Tracking Devices and How do They Work?

Most people are familiar with global positioning systems (GPS) on a personal level. You use your phone's GPS every time you look for the closest restaurant, movie theater, or any other business. When installed in a vehicle, they work the same way only this time the thing being tracked is the vehicle's location.

A GPS tracker allows vehicle's owner to monitor and track their vehicle. Some options allow for real time reporting of location and speed data, while others record this information to be used at a later point in time. For those that report in real time, there are even options that alert you whenever someone goes outside a certain area or over a certain speed.

GPS trackers use a network of satellites in order to determine the location of the GPS device in relation to its distance from said satellites. It is the same technology that is used in your car or portable navigation system. The difference between a tracker and a navigation system, however, is that a navigation system provides your current location and directions to your destination, whereas a tracker broadcasts or records driving habits. If the GPS tracker is able to broadcast its location in real time, it most likely uses the same network technology that your cell phone does, in which case there may be a monthly subscription fee.

Why Do Dealerships Utilize GPS?

While a huge selling point of GPS trackers is the ability to efficiently and quickly locate any vehicle that a customer wants to see, GPS systems offer much more than that; GPS trackers are an efficient management and security tool, as well.

As with any type of business, auto dealerships have to keep control of their assets and monitor their inventory. GPS trackers provide an additional level of peace of mind when it comes to both of these, as you can quickly see what you have and where it is simply by checking on your GPS system. And, not only are you able to track your vehicles on the lot, but you would be able to find them for repossession purposes if a customer is unable to make payments.

From a security perspective, a GPS tracker can make it easier to keep your vehicles and your lot safe. Many car thieves look at auto dealerships as an easy target, assuming that they can get away with taking a single car from the lot. With multiple vehicles, it can take hours, sometimes even days, to notice a single missing vehicle. Once you finally notice it’s gone, it could have been sold or abandoned. A tracker can prevent this. GPS allows you to notice in real time if a vehicle is missing and provide its exact location to police. And, if the trackers are openly displayed, it can prevent theft by letting it be known that the vehicles have GPS systems installed.

GPS Tracking Solutions

As with any purchase you make for your business (or for anything, really) it is important that you do your research on different GPS tracking equipment, providers, and any available reviews. There are multiple GPS tracking equipment manufacturers that provide consultants in addition to the products they offer. This is ideal, as a professional will be able to tell you what system will work best for the size of your dealership, as well as any additional features or products that you might need or find handy.

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