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The Benefits of Implementing a Fleet Management System

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Fleet management is more than just the managing of a company's fleet of vehicles; it involves maintenance and telematics, as well as vehicle tracking and driver, fuel, and safety management. It is considered one of the most important aspects of of any business that employs the use of service vehicles.

Managing a fleet can be challenging, which is one of the reasons more and more companies are implementing fleet management systems. The right fleet management system brings out the best in your employees and your vehicles, while giving you the opportunity to both monitor your staff and collect pertinent vehicle information.

What is a Fleet Management System?

Fleet management systems provide a way for companies to minimize the risks associated with operating and relying on vehicles and improve the efficiency and productivity of their labor force. Simply put, this is software that puts all aspects of your fleet at your fingertips, including:

  • Vehicle details - registration, insurance, etc.
  • Driver information
  • Maintenance schedule, including historic and future repairs and servicing
  • Procurement costs
  • Fuel transaction
  • Reporting functions regarding fleet performance

Fleet management systems offer a wide range of functions, including driver management, safety management, and vehicle telematics. These functions can be handled in house or, if you prefer, outsourced to a dedicated team.

A fleet management system might not seem like it is a necessity for your business, but the truth is that any company that owns or leases vehicles should have some type of fleet management system in place. These systems keep your employees and your assets safe, all while increasing productivity and minimizing the risks that come with the utilization of vehicles by ensuring that everyone and everything is functioning at the best possible level.

What are the Benefits of a Fleet Management System?

Integrating a fleet management system for your business offers a wide array of benefits. Whether you look at it from a managerial or a monetary standpoint, these systems truly improve any business they’re attached to.

As a company, one of the first things that you will notice after implementing a fleet management system is how much time and money you save. These systems optimize work schedules, making sure that all employees are working, not just to the best of their ability, but quickly and efficiently as well. In addition, fleet management systems let you get a better look at when vehicles will need to be serviced and what repairs or replacements will be needed soon.

These benefits go hand in hand with the monetary savings; with a more comprehensive look at what needs to be done for each vehicle and how it is performing, you cut the risk of issues popping up or making minor damages worse. Plus, since these systems cut down on risk, your insurance premiums are also reduced.

Implementing these systems also leads to better customer and employee satisfaction. Several fleet management systems allow for tracking systems that let you provide customers with real-time information about their driver or products. It also gives your drivers and employees an efficient way to process any necessary information and reduces the amount of manual work they must perform. And, when your employees have multiple tools to get their job done, they perform better, which leads to happier clientele.

Safety First with Fleet Management Systems

You should never view a fleet management system as a way to spy on your employees; it is a way to protect their safety, as well as the safety of your business and its assets. Management systems often offer the ability to locate any company vehicle at any given time, which provides a broad range of safety applications. If a driver were to get into an accident, for example, then being able to pinpoint their exact location could get emergency services to them faster and possibly even save a life. The same goes for a breakdown; you have the ability to get to your driver as quickly as possible, keeping them from being stranded with the vehicle or having to deal with unsafe or extreme weather conditions. Plus (from a purely business point of view), since you know where the vehicle is and can diagnose the issue, you spend less time waiting and more time getting things fixed. Fleet management systems are an amazing way to not just monitor your vehicles and employees, but to keep them safe as well.

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