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How Much Does A Brick Walkway Cost?

Brick Walkway Prices

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A brick walkway is a simple way to improve a homeís appearance. Install one leading up to your front door or in a backyard garden for a surface thatís ruggedly handsome, safe to walk on, and highly durable. A DIY brick walkway is a relatively simple project for even moderately handy homeowners, although the difficult labor makes hiring a pro worth considering.

Brick Walkway Costs and Considerations

A professional will charge something on the order of $8 to $15 per square foot (or more) to install a brick walkway. For a basic 25-foot long by 4-foot wide walkway, thatís an estimated cost of $800-$1,500.

The labor required to install a brick walkway is a major cost determinant. For example, a relatively straight walkway that has a simple pattern will cost less than a twisting, turning walkway that requires numerous cuts. In the case of a particularly complex walkway and/or decorate brickwork, donít be surprised if costs balloon to as much as $30 or more per square foot.

The bricks themselves are another major cost factor. Depending on the size, shape, and quality of the brick, costs range from $.50 per brick to $3.50 per brick. You could, of course, do what this homeowner did and salvage the brick from construction projects. Or maybe you already have some bricks on your property that can be repurposed for a walkway. In any event, bricks represent the major material cost of the project.

DIY Brick Walkways

Opting to build a brick walkway yourself yields considerable savings because youíre not paying for the most costly aspect of the project: labor. By eliminating labor charges youíre left only with the material costs of the project. For a modestly-sized walkway, costs should work out to approximately $250 to $500.

Be advised, however, that the work is relatively strenuous and some patterns require cutting brick with a wet saw (which can be dangerous when not used properly). With due care and planning, however, you should be able to build a new brick walkway in a single weekend. How-to advice for this project can be found at:

Author: Brian Eckert

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