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How Much Does a Web-Based Time & Attendance System Cost?

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A web-based time and attendance system lets your employees’ clock in and out with the click of a mouse. They can use the technology to view work schedules, check benefit accruals, and request vacation time or to indicate that they’re taking a break.

For supervisors, a web-based time and attendance system provides an all-in-one place to monitor employee schedules, keep track of who’s in, who’s out, make informed scheduling decisions, and monitor overtime. For companies, web-based time and attendance systems offer easier deployment than traditional time and attendance software. Employees can access the system through a link in their browser, which means there’s no need to install the software on individual PCs.

Web-Based Time and Attendance System Average Costs

The pricing structure for web-based time and attendance systems is different than traditional software. Typically, vendors will charge a monthly fee based on the number of system users rather than a large flat fee upfront.

Prices vary widely based on the type of software you select and the number of employees you have, but as a general rule:

  • Companies with 25 or fewer employees can find web-based time and attendance software for $50 per month or less.
  • Those with 25 to 50 employees can buy the software for $100 per month or less.

Some vendors charge a one-time setup fee, which generally ranges from $500 to $1,000. Others will include that in the monthly fee. Also, be sure to ask if features like payroll integration and services like customer support are included in the monthly price you are quoted. Sometimes they are; sometimes not.

You don’t have to buy time clock devices with a web-based time and attendance system. Your employees can clock in by entering a specific user code into the web-based system. However, if you’d like to purchase devices that allow employees to clock in using ID badges, keypads or biometrics, plan on spend around $500 for each one that you buy. Or, you can rent them for a small monthly fee.

Is a Web-Based Time and Attendance System Right For You?

Web-based time and attendance systems are ideal for smaller businesses that can’t afford the upfront expense of traditional software. They’re also ideal if you have a limited HR staff because employees can check accrued vacation time and remaining sick days on their own.

Companies with multiple locations or those with employees who travel often also like web-based time and attendance software for the convenience it offers. Employees can clock in without from remote locations using laptops or even their smartphones.

If you’re not sure whether a web-based time and attendance system is the right fit for your business, consider signing up for a demo or free trial period. Most vendors offer one or both to let you test the software before you commit.

Author: Ashley Smith